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We brought on our head illustrator, Fundie Biela, to illustrate symbols and cover artwork for each single in the promotion cycle. We wanted the single artwork to be minimal and intentional by selecting a specific totem for each song. We created a color palette that would be used in both the illustration artwork and carry through to the images and videos. A dagger, monster eye, roses shaped like ovaries. . .to name a few.





For a deeper look into our process. . .


We were able to achieve Transviolet’s goals with a combination of creative + art direction, graphic design, illustration, photography and video services. 


Taylor, our creative director & lead photographer, directly collaborated with lead singer Sarah McTaggert on her overall vision and concept for the album, then came together with the entire band to be sure everyone felt aligned and loved the direction. 

BODY acts just as a body does…many moving parts with their own special function…acting as one. Embodied and content in its own skin.



Indie-pop band, Transviolet presented Aura Haus with the opportunity to create all of their visual assets for their latest album release, "Body".  We successfully executed visuals that brought new depth and cohesion to the album through intentional symbology, color theory, and enhancing character performance correlating to each song.

We were able to provide unique photoshoots for a majority of songs on the full album, video assets, and illustrations. The final launch of the full album and album art tie all the symbols, colors, and themes present throughout –into their final release.

Taylor is a prolific, creative powerhouse with an eye for detail.

Her emotional intelligence, technical innovation, and out of the box thinking took our project to a whole new level. Every image she produced encapsulated the music with so much vibrance, depth, and story. She did a wonderful job of keeping a macro view of the project as a whole, while also paying attention to the smallest detail in each image. She was extremely thoughtful and deliberate, and her contribution to the BODY album is absolutely priceless. 

Sarah McTaggart

Lead Singer, Transviolet

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