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You're brilliant.

Meet the high-vibing experts who exist to let the world know. 

Creative Director, 




Creative Director and Aura Haus founder Taylor Lewis has over 18 years of photography experience. After a decade of living in L.A.,  she has excelled and expanded her creative palette to include: creative direction, filming video content, and graphic design. Through experience over the last 18 years,  Taylor has developed a unique workflow. Her dedication, consistency and experience has empowered her clients to pursue their visions with ease and flow. Taylor excels at executing her clients vision within the framework provided, polishing it off with her unique je ne sais quoi flair and edge. 


Today, Taylor continues to lead creative teams with success and client acclaim. During production, shooting, designing final layouts, creating and executing brand identities or revamps, she works side by side with her clients every step of the way.


Four years ago, Taylor had a vision for Aura Haus. She wanted to create a different kind of agency. She created Aura Haus as a safe creative hub for both clients and creatives. A place where their souls and minds could merge together to create impactful collaborative work. 


Click here to learn more about Aura Haus.

Word Maven


Pilar Valdés is a bilingual writer and actor with a background in law. Pilar is a THREAD at YALE University Scholarship recipient, an alumni of the FOX Networks Writers Lab, and a fellow of Univision, Televisa and NALIP Latino Lens. Pilar is a writer for the film and television section of — the leading online publication for Hispanic millennials. Pilar has two films in development with A Penny For Your Thoughts (HBO’S Insecure) and MACRO (Judas and the Black Messiah, Sorry to Bother You!) Pilar uses her knack for narrative storytelling to identify and enhance you or your product's voice. Her strengths are tone and clarity of message…with a lil’ bit of sass. In recent years, she's found a passion and knack for creating effective copy. She’s created copy for hotels, production houses, film treatments, personal bios and branding. 

Event & Talent 



Sarah McTaggart is a creator and community builder. While cutting her teeth as the lead singer/creative director of indie pop band Transviolet, she learned how to coordinate creatives, organize events, create vibrant environments, and throw a hell of a party. From finding the perfect space, to setting the vibe with decor and art installations, Sarah excels at curating and coordinating talent to make your next event unforgettable.

Head of Design


Ying comes from a Taiwanese lineage of curious artists who encouraged diversification both in life and work. She cut her teeth as an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and grand master of lettering. She’s been kicking graphic design ass in Taiwan since her teens, polishing her craft after graduating from Pratt Institute with a Masters in Design Communication. In life and in work, she values flow and balance, often describing both as water: It must feel fluid, soft, hard, and balanced. Ying begins all her projects by hand, she is a true artisan who loves graphic design, lettering and typography. Her dream is to continue working with authentic and passionate clientele who share her social justice values making her soul beam!

Illustration & Poster Design


Fundie Biela is a bilingual Argentinean dedicated to design and illustration. With over 20 years experience, Fundie continues to collaborate on high profile and niche projects worldwide. Inspired by comics, rock posters, album covers, and 80's and 90's television, his pieces showcase these influences. His design signatures are hard lines, half tones, vibrant colors and lots of texture. Fundie believes in being happy and vibing high. His dream is to illustrate a cover for Empire or The New Yorker, but make it weird. Actually, no, his dream is to illustrate a deck of the strategy game cards from Magic: The Gathering. That makes sense because Fundie is kinda’ like magic.  Like a true Haus head, he believes the best is yet to come.

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