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Aura Haus continues to work with Hannah and Paulo Barreto whenever launching something new . . .  e-Books, websites, or new services, all paired with corresponding marketing materials. We cannot wait to be a part of their next big idea and are filled with so much gratitude this powerhouse couple have chosen us to create content for those striving for the betterment of our world.


Relationships evolve. Lasting, healthy relationships support and elevate growth together. Aura Haus is there every step of the way. We are ready to fulfill all your needs or coordinate with any collaborators joining during the process or after project completion. We love to be fluid and honor every client situation. It would be our privilege to connect five days a week for a specific time span or on a quarterly basis. Aura Haus aims to create harmony among teams and deliver assets as promised.

Hannah Eden is a fitness entrepreneur. With her refreshing vision for HIIT workouts and unstoppable drive to help others achieve the same, she is making the world a better place. Paulo Barreto, also a dedicated fitness entrepreneur, co-founded an incredible brick and mortar gym with Hannah called Pumpfit Club.


Together, their services and offerings have evolved into what it is today. 

Hannah, Paulo and Aura Haus founder Taylor Lewis have worked together for many years. At the end of 2017, they hired Taylor as their creative director for both Hannah Eden Fitness and its sister company, Pumpfit Club. Together they have done it all . . . creative direction, unique and innovative photo shoots, graphic design, and merchandising Hannah and Paulo’s vision.





This dynamic couple have always been eager for what’s fresh and new, ready to set themselves apart from the competition. Their goal is to differentiate their companies with a visual language both authentic to who they are while challenging the status quo.


As we know, companies evolve and develop systems sustainable in their competitive environment. After two years strictly focused on Hannah and Paulo’s businesses, Taylor was able to establish a visual language they could confidently continue building on within their own team.

Taylor is a very talented creator and a true creative director. We have been working with Taylor over the past 7 years. Initially we reached out to Taylor for creative direction to establish our brands, she was able to understand our vision and successfully made it come to fruition.  Taylor has excellent project management skills and is reliable, tentative to project deadlines, and extremely fun to work with. The combination of her raw talent as a photographer, and as a true visionary  is a powerful opportunity to have real creative director who not only has many ideas, but one who can also implement them successfully time and time again. I recommend Aura Haus highly and am excited to continue to create together. 

Hannah Barreto

Owner, Hannah Eden Fitness 

Taylor Lewis is an incredibly talented and experienced photographer that offers a wide range of services for any project. She is a master at making her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera, which leads to shots that not only reflect the client's vision but also capture the personality of those being photographed. Taylor understands how to create comprehensive creative decks to ensure that everyone knows what to expect during photoshoots and how to use the time efficiently. Her keen eye and knowledge of lighting, angles, and more make her one of the best around. Working with Taylor is not just a professional experience but also a wild fun party where you get amazing results!

Paulo Barreto

Owner, Pumpfit Club + Partner with Hannah Eden Fitness

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