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Maricia and her team were well equipped and receptive to new ideas. We’ve held several Zoom meetings over the years in order to review campaign performance with various members of her social media and video teams. 


Their sophisticated in-house team conducted several statistical analyses of each launch.This enabled us to intelligently collaborate and improve with the team by retaining feedback on the performance of each campaign launch.

Littil (pronounced little) was founded by Maricia Magana, a social media influencer with a background in celebrity social media. Maricia worked for Interscope Records to help promote artists such as Lady Gaga, Eminem, Robin Thicke, Common and Dr. Dre. She later moved on to help manage the social media for Playboy & Playboy radio. 


Littil produces content creation lighting products that are small, simple to use and improve every aspect of their client’s life better. 





Littil came to Aura Haus in 2018 for our creative direction and photography services, primarily to aid in color palette direction for each product, themes for each lifestyle scenario of their target audience, style guides for each shoot, booking shoot locations, and our production services.

Taylor has worked with my brand since it started. As time went on and the brand evolved she & her team have become an extension of mine. She has done Photography, Creative Direction, Styling and business consulting. For me conversions are just as important as the creative and her images and direction are always high performing. She always brings my visions to life but adding her MAGIC! 

Maricia Magana

Founder, Littil

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