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Amra + Azra have been in full control of the art direction and we couldn’t be more excited to bring their latest visions to life. Whenever needed, we all come together to massage the shoot concept and bring it to new heights.

Below, you will find samples of how our projects have been displayed in the wild. Keep scrolling for additional samples from our more recent projects.

Inspired by ancient healing practices of Ayurveda, Terra & Co. developed a premium line of oral care to live in harmony with nature and the oral microbiome. All while keeping Mother Nature in the forefront with sustainable packaging.





Aura Haus has been working with this sustainable company since 2016. Sister duo and founders Amra and Azra always had a strong vision of how they wanted their brand to look. We have had the privilege to develop and recreate their photography and video assets over several years together. 


Each shoot we execute seems to be more successful than the last. That is the beauty of a lasting, long term relationship and impeccable communication.

Hands down’ Taylor is the best photographer we ever worked with. In fact, we've been working with her for over 5 years now. Taylor brings so much energy into useful images and really knows how to capture brand essence. I highly recommend her for her talent and professionalism and I’d not hesitate to work with Taylor for our future events. 

Amra Hajdarevic 

Founder and CEO, Terra & Co. 

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